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Press hole ring for backing machine
The full-automatic Press hole ring for backing machine is made by Zhengzhou kaway automation tech.co. ltd., Services for flap disc backing factory. Press the middle of the ring for flap disc baking.
The device can automatically identify the hole ring front and back, Grab glass fiber, placed, deep-pressing a molding, Automatic grasping Placement aluminum plate pressed, The dramatic reduction in labor costs of this equipment increases productivity.
Equipment main features:
1. The degree of automation is high, 1 person operation, Daily production 9600 pcs/8 H.
2. Imported servo motor, drive, stable performance, durability
3. The drive components using internationally renowned brands linear guide, photoelectric sensor, can respond to trace displacement, feeding accuracy
4. Modular assembly equipment, to facilitate the adjustment and maintenance of the machine
Basic technical parameters:
Produce specificationsbackingφ16,φ22Magnetic sensor switchAirTAC
Machine power sourceElectric, pneumaticReducerZhongda
Operator 1 personMotorPanasonic
Production speed9600P/8HControl panelWeinview
Size1800mm*1200mm*1000mmElectrical switchchint
Photoelectric sensorAutonicsTrachea elementAirTAC
Routine maintenance of machine installation
After the machine reaches the customer's designated location, In the customer to complete the electricity, pneumatic, and raw materials in place after our company will have someone on-site installation of training, During the installation and commissioning, I hope customers have someone on-site to accompany, From assembly to commissioning process is also a process of understanding of the machine to facilitate customers to maintain their own future;
Site we will teach customers a general understanding of the principle of the machine, And allow customers proficiency in operation, Tell customers the precautions, And easy maintenance of the machine on the site of the problem prone to teaching, As in the future use of the process cannot solve the problem, please customers online contact us in time, we will do within 24 hours to provide solutions.
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